BRIDGE Workshop in Morocco

In January 2018, a training workshop on global projects and the BRIDGE Program took place in Rabat, Morocco. The workshop was attended by 10 teachers (7 male and 3 female). The participants’ teaching experience ranges from 2 years to 21 years.

The first day of the workshop started with introductory activities and introductions to the iEARN network, MEARN, and the BRIDGE Program. The facilitators prepared teachers for the online educators course and themes addressed during their virtual professional development and project practicum. The last activity for the day was devoted to introducing the technology skills necessary to navigate the Collaboration Centre, iEARN's secure platform for connection. 

On the second day, participants learned how to register their students and other colleagues. They were also introduced to the Teacher’s Forum and the Youth Forum as well as best practices of online communication. The workshop ended with a presentation on project-based learning (PBL) whose main ideas were taken from the Buck Institute for Education. Finally, certificates of participation were given to the participants and a group photo was taken.  

All in all, the workshop reached its objectives as the participants left with a very clear idea on what the BRIDGE Program entails, the tasks they will have to perform in the Collaboration Center as well as what is expected from their students during the Practicum phase. The participants seemed very interested in the program and promised to do their best to make their and their students’ participation successful.



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