iEARN-Syria featured on Syria TV

iEARN-Syria was recently featured by a local television station, Syria TV, on their work in connecting Syrian youth with youth around the world. In this news feature, Country Coordinator Samah Al-Jundi shares about iEARN's impact both globally and with teachers and youth in Syria. 
The interview is followed by footage from a teacher training workshop on January 19th and 20th, 2013 in Lattakia, Syria as part of the Christopher Stevens Youth Network.
During the workshop, teachers learned about iEARN projects and the new Collaboration Centre and prepared to connect their youth groups with other classes in the United States and across the Middle East and North Africa.

Read a short reflection below from the interview with iEARN-Syria Coordinator, Samah Al-Jundi.
"The goal of teaching is learning, not teaching.    

The new curriculum in our country focuses on thinking, problem solving and reasoning, but some teachers are lecturing over the learners' heads. Teachers need to take seriously the aspiration of making thinking and problem-solving a regular part of every moment they spend with learners. The challenge we are building today is to develop educational programs that assume that every learner, not only the elite, can become competent thinkers.

Teachers and decision makers should make global education a priority. To bring technology into schools doesn't mean more computers, labs and internet access. It is a way of teaching and attitude. teachers need opportunities to build their capacity to pass it to their learners...

Through trainings of trainers and Christopher Stevens Youth Network Online Course Program, iEARN is opening gates to see the world and to be seen by the world.

iEARN is a password-protected environment and  a community of youth workers, teachers, scholars and students- it is not like was started even before - so our youth are safe...and they have their chance to invent the future which meet their needs, develop, live happy, grow up in a healthy way, build positive attitude, use Internet and technology for the sake of peace and reconciliation."

- Samah Al-Jundi, iEARN-Syria Coordinator

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