October iEARN Project News and Updates

iEARN Projects and Activities

Daffodils and Tulips Project

Join the Daffodils and Tulips project, which begins in November and runs until November 2019! Students in different parts of the world choose to plant either daffodil or tulip bulbs during the last week in November. As the flowers grow, students collect data on various parameters (latitude, longitude, sunlight, temperature, etc.) and track when they blossom. Join the Daffodils and Tulips project in the iEARN Collaboration Centre to participate.

Holiday Card Exchange - Registration Deadline: October 31, 2018

To participate in this year's Holiday Card Exchange, join by the deadline of October 31, 2018! In this project, students share their holiday traditions during December or January, such as Chinese New Year, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Eid, by sending cards to their partners around the world. Each school is placed in a group with approximately seven other schools and will prepare either handmade or purchased cards to send to each of the other schools. Each classroom will receive an envelope with cards from several different countries, which they can share at an exhibition for their school community. 

Heritage Around the World/Patrimoine Mondial

In the Heritage Around the World/Patrimoine Mondial project, students choose a topic relating to their country's heritage and create various end products such as articles in local newspapers, dioramas, photo compilations, films, videos, books and audio recordings. Examples of topics include: Famous Buildings, Landscapes and Nature, Traditional Foods and Cooking, Emblematic Animals, Endangered Animals or Resources, Handicrafts, Fashion and Traditional Clothing, Educational Progress and Access to Education for Girls, and Arts and Religious Architecture. Join the Heritage Around the World/Patrimoine Mondial project in the iEARN Collaboration Centre to participate!

Virtual Peace Education Camp

The Virtual Peace Education Camp, which runs September 30, 2018 - December 31, 2018, invites students to reflect on what peace means to them and where they feel peaceful. Students increase their awareness about the non-peaceful relationships between people and within and between nations and think critically about war and its human cost. At the same time, they cultivate their skills in empathy and conflict resolution and think about what they can do to build peace. 

Resources and Opportunities

November Webinar with iEARN-USA

Join iEARN-USA and other iEARN educators at our virtual hang-out on November 13th at 7:00 pm EST to learn about and discuss global education, project-based learning, virtual exchange, iEARN Global Projects and more during International Education Week! RVSP at: http://bit.ly/iearnedu.

iEARN Project Book 

The 2018-2018 iEARN Project Book, which includes descriptions on iEARN's 100+ projects, is now available! To download it in English or Spanish, go to: bit.ly/iEARN-projects. Thanks to all project facilitators for your contributions to the project descriptions, and your ongoing hard work and enthusiasm, and to all the students and teachers who make these projects a success.



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