YouthCaN 2011

On Monday April 4, approximately 500 teachers and students met at the American Museum of Natural History for the 18th Annual YouthCaN conference. The theme for the conference was Transformers.

Students from NY, NJ, PA, FL, OH, and CO in the USA as well as from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Mexico and Turkey presented workshops and table displays that helped others learn what they can do to transform their environment.

Students added paper "leaves" to a giant cherry tree mural, describing what they learned in the conference to help transform their communities into a healthier and more sustainable environment.  The tree was dedicated to the victims of the Japanese earthquake, tsunami and radiation leaks.  See a description of the 2011 YouthCaN workshops

As part of the NYC YouthCaN event, On Saturday, April 2 over 90 students and teachers participated in YouthCaN Activity Day [see Activity Day photos on Flickr] with one group gardening in Riverside Park and another walking across the George Washington Bridge and exploring the Palisades on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River.

Students will gather in Cairo, Egypt for the 2011 YouthCaN Egypt conference on April 9th.  Students in New York City will join them via video-conference as they engage in discussions about common environmental issues.

Earlier this year, students came together in Miami, Florida for the Miami YouthCaN Conference on Feb. 12

Students are now looking toward YouthCaN 2012!  For information on upcoming conferences and YouthCaN events, visit:



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