Participating Countries: Asia & Pacific


iEARN-Australia was one of the founding members Centers of iEARN. iEARN-Australia is run by a Management Team which is elected every year. Australia hosted the 1995 iEARN International Teachers' Meeting in Melbourne.


In 2008, iEARN-Azerbaijan became an officially registered non-profit organization, after 7 years of existence in Azerbaijan. Professional Development Workshops have involved many educators and students in iEARN collaborative projects and will go on to get more schools to use ITC in classes and to integrate online activities into school curriculum.


iEARN-Bangladesh works with a number of schools and youth organizations in the Dhaka area. Teacher training workshops have been held to bring online project-based learning to Bangladeshi students and teachers.


The iEARN-China Center was one of the founding members of iEARN, starting in 1991. Schools are located in Beijing, Shanghai, Hohhot, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Xian, Shenzhen and other cities.


iEARN-India is a registered trust "Education and Resource Network-India" and is working with educators in Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Goa, Delhi, Calcutta and Madras to expand Indian student global networking.


iEARN-Indonesia works with the UNESCO-sponsored Associated Schools Project to connect schools throughout the country and conduct teacher professional development workshops. Participation is open to all schools.


iEARN has worked with the Science and Arts Foundation (SAF) in Tehran to link schools in Iran. SchoolNet is the main project of SAF whose promise is to provide model state Iranian schools with modern computer sites and access to the Internet.


Iraqi teachers and students have been involved since 2004, through video-conference events in partnership with Global Nomads Group and through online interaction. Schools are located In Baghdad, Erbil and Basra.


Israeli teachers and students have been involved since 1990. Both Arab and Jewish schools are involved in iEARN project work. iEARN-Israel facilitates the Daffodils & Tulips and Talking Kites Around the World projects. Click here for more information about the Daffodils & Tulips project. Click here for more information about the Talking Kites Around the World project.


iEARN-Japan (JEARN) started in 1998 in collaboration with Teleclass International Japan. In 2001, JEARN (Japan Education and Resource Network ) was founded as the Center of iEARN-Japan and in 2003 was legally recognized by the Japanese government as a Non-Profit Organization (NPO).


iEARN has conducted a number of teacher training programs across Jordan involving schools throughout the kingdom.


Working with the Open Society Institute, iEARN-Kazakhstan was created in 1996, which is based in Almaty, involving about 40 schools. Training workshops have been held annually since 1997, sometimes in conjunction with iEARN-Kyrgyzstan.


iEARN-Lebanon has trained teachers at a number of schools public and private schools in Beirut and surrounding communities. Students are actively involved in project work.


iEARN is working with the Ministry of Education, the E-Learning for Life program, UNDP, Apple Malaysia and other public and private sector partners to deliver teacher training workshops and to open global opportunities for Malaysia teachers and student


iEARN-Nepal is based in Kathmandu, and works with schools from all regions of the country to deliver teacher training and student exchange programs. Recently, teachers and students have been actively involved in water-monitoring projects--exploring water quality in rivers in the country.


iEARN Pakistan is working under the Society for International Education (Rgd.). iEARN Pakistan is an approved iEARN Centre and a member of iEARN International. iEARN in Pakistan is committed to providing K-12 educators, students and schools with an invaluable structure to engage in online curriculum based telecommunications projects.


In the late 1990s, iEARN worked with the Ministry of Education of the Palestinian Authority to bring schools in Gaza and West Bank on-line and into project work. In 2004, an independent iEARN-Palestine was created, based in Ramallah. This new teacher training center is working to expand Palestinian student and teacher participation in international online project work.


iEARN-Qatar is facilitated by ROTA, a Qatari non-governmental organization founded in November 2005 under the auspices of the heir apparent, His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and guided by Her Excellency Sheikha Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani.

iEARN-South Korea

iEARN is working in South Korea with YES International to involve schools throughout the peninsula.

iEARN-Sri Lanka

iEARN started working in Sri Lanka in 2000, made possible through a special project with the U.S. Department of State to use iEARN projects as a means of enhancing civic education combining physical exchanges and telecommunications.


Syrian teachers are participating in iEARN projects that promote cross-cultural dialogue and civic education. iEARN-Syria is working closely with the Ministry of Education to train teachers in project-based teaching methodologies. Students and teachers have participated in historic exchange programs.


Established in May, 2001, iEARN Taiwan is a government-sanctioned educational non-profit organization authorized by the Ministry of Interior. In order to offer educational service for island-wide schools and give guidelines for students to join international activities, a group of on-the-job volunteer teachers and full-time staffs organize the administration of iEARN Taiwan. Based on the constitution of iEARN, they set up a Resource Center to share their personal experiences of taking part in international projects. Currently, the number of schools allied is about 150; teachers and students ever involved have reached up to 20000.


Based in Saraband and Dushanbe, iEARN is part of school activity in about 10 schools.


iEARN-Thailand is a national network of schools engaged in collaborative project work. Professional development workshops have been held across the country.


Teachers in the United Arab Emirates are participating in iEARN projects that promote cross-cultural dialogue and civic education. iEARN is working closely with the Ministry of Education to train teachers in project-based teaching methodologies.


iEARN-Yemen was established in 2004 with the objective of positively impact the children and adolescents' concepts and attitude towards their own community and the world, to act as responsible, productive, and constructive Yemeni individuals as well as international citizens.

iEARN-Yemen is operating in ten governorates and has been working via various funds from different funding agencies such as the US Embassy, The Netherlands Embassy, Oxfam, MEPI, the US Department of State, Save the Children, … etc. Many sub-projects were carried out under iEARN-Yemen such as “Learning for Active Citizenship", "Yemeni Youth Voices", "Youth Learning for Change" in which Adolescents are trained, besides iEARN, on Essential Life Skills, Conflict Resolution, Active Citizenship and finally Community-based Projects design and management. In these projects, the participating adolescents then design, implement and manage community service projects where they work as change makers and social agents to serve their community.


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