Participating Countries: North America & Caribbean


iEARN-Canada is a recently registered Non Profit Organization, and has been active in iEARN since 1992. iEARN Canada has many schools across the county participating in projects such as Art Miles, The Teddy Bear Project, Machinto, My Hero Learning Circles and Taking Kites.

iEARN-Dominican Republic

iEARN is working with FUNGLODE to link schools in the Santo Domingo area with partners abroad--on projects dealing with deforestation and efforts to plant more trees in urban areas. Students and teachers will conduct physical exchanges as well.


iEARN-Jamaica is part of a broad coalition of public and private organizations working to enhance basic and science education in Jamaica.

iEARN-Puerto Rico - iEARN-Orillas

The iEARN ORILLAS Center in Puerto Rico involves schools throughout the island and is based at the University of Puerto Rico. Center schools have been active in bi-lingual and cross-cultural telecommunications since 1985. Orillas has been an iEARN Center since 1995. The iEARN Center hosted the 1999 iEARN International Conference and Youth Summit.

While iEARN-Orillas has a long history in Puerto Rico, it has a broad geographic base. The iEARN-Orillas Center is a  special interest group in iEARN to promote multilingual learning and collaborative critical inquiry in USA, Puerto Rico, and other parts of Latin America.

El Centro iEARN Orillas tiene su base en la Facultad de Educación, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Río Piedras. A través de toda la Isla, las escuelas participantes en Orillas han llevado a cabo proyectos colaborativos a distancia bilingües y multiculturales desde el 1985. Orillas se convirtió en Centro de iEARN en el 1995 y en el 1999 organizó la 6ta Conferencia Internacional de iEARN.

Con una larga historia de proyectos en las redes globales en Puerto Rico, Orillas se expande a un entorno geográfico más amplio. El Centro iEARN Orillas cobija a un grupo de educadores dentro de iEARN que promueven el aprendizaje multilingüe y la pedagogía critica en los Estados Unidos, Puerto Rico y otras partes de Latinoamérica.

iEARN-Trinidad and Tobago

Schools in Trinidad & Tobago have been involved in iEARN since 2001 through the assistance of the Sister Cities program there. iEARN TnT is now in its 10th year, since then it has been involved, in many projects, promoting many local projects as well as being a part of other networking activities.


iEARN-USA has a national office in New York City, with additional staff in San Francisco, and supports schools and youth organizations throughout the country to participate in global projects online.


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