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Art Miles

Students, schools, organizations, after school program participants, will come together to design and create murals that will be professionally photographed and archived together with murals created by children from all over the world. The exciting new face of Art Miles will transform the physical murals into projectable images of the murals themselves and details within each that will be seen on buildings, in museums, indoor/outdoor walls and performance venues during live interactive events and gatherings, enabling the WORLD to share the images wherever they can be projected.  An added dimension of Art Miles will be to invite students/teachers/participants to provide comments to the iEARN project forum about experiences that are noteworthy and suitable for “sharing”. 

Another new dimension of Art Miles in the coming year will be to challenge students to prepare a 5 minute video documentary, including if they choose original music composed by a student of their mural events inspired by one of the twelve themes. The videos will become part of an annual Art Miles Film Festival and winning submissions will receive a prize (to be determined). “HERO MURALS” will be entered into the Art Miles partner ( My Hero Film Festival as part of their exciting annual competition and here is where real collaboration can become a very rewarding experience.  Art Miles encourages participation in our partner the Japan Art Mile, International Intercultural Mural Exchange ( as a means of creating one mural between two countries and two different schools to foster intercultural dialogue and collaboration. Art Miles would also appeal to students, teachers and schools to submit murals in response to both human and natural disasters (e.g. school shootings, conflicts and tragedies, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes) that can be sent as “healing messages” throughout the world by the iEARN community whenever possible.

There are twelve themes involved in the project; The Multicultural/Diversity Mile, The Environmental Mile, and The Indigenous People's Mile, Sports Mile, Women's Mile, Fairy Tale Mile, HERO Mile, Music Mile, Senior Mile, Peace, Unity and Healing Mile, Muralist Mile. Children should work together to decide on what theme they want to work on.  Focus and concentration on the theme is one of the great team building parts of the mural. This project is about the PROCESS, not so much of the art and the number of murals. Therefore, groups should have a lively discussion about what they want to do as a group. This dialogue will help them transfer what they have learned and how they feel about specific topics into visual documentation; in other words, "form concensus".  Teachers/coaches should encourage them to think BIG because the canvas is large and murals should be able to be seen from a distance and images can be photographed in a higher quality. Many murals will be selected for viewing on several different websites and global exhibitions: and other social media.

Art Miles encourages also encourages participation of youth in the Peace Paint Ambassador Program where students can be trained on representing the Art Miles Program in their country as facilitators who will interact with other PPA’s in the program.

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