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A digital media project supporting young people around the world to share images about issues and stories from their communities.

In 2012 - 2013, the project focused on the theme of 'Images of Social Change.'  In 2013 - 2014, the project is focusing on the theme of 'Heritage, Hunger, and Food Security.'

The project will culiminate in creating a published 60-page "Local and Global Food Systems" photo book featuring images by students participating in the program in Pakistan, Tajikistan, and the U.S.  The iEARN Photojournalism 2.014 team will select approximately 20 images from students in each country and compile them into a photo book.  Images will also be published on the World Youth News website.  To have your students' photographs or photo stories considered for the photo book, you and/or they should post them in this forum by June 15, 2014.  You can post either single photos or photo stories (3-6 coherent photographs telling a story or a message) that focus on the theme of food heritage, hunger, and/or food security.  Please adhere to the following requirements when posting photos or photo stories:

1) Post images in high resolution (do not crop or compress your image files).
2) Do not resize images.
3) Images can have color corrections (levels, curves and contrast).
4) Images can be in either portrait or landscape orientation.
5) Make sure to include the following information with each photograph:
    - a caption/cutline
    - a credit (full name of student who took photograph)
    - name of school/youth organization where student is from
    - city/town and country where student is from
6) Make sure your images don't have copyright issues; otherwise they will be rejected.